Maintenance Tips for Montague Square

Troubleshoot a gas cooktop

Ready to cook your favourite dish, but having troubles with your gas cooktop at Montague Square? In this video, Sophie will show you through a couple troubleshooting methods and tactics to have your gas stove up and running again in no time.


Fix loose fixtures and fittings

Don’t let stray fixtures and fittings disrupt your home! These typical problems can be easily resolved without the need for a professional. Matt demonstrates how to fix loose items such as door handles, cupboard doors, towel rails and toilet seats.


Clean your air conditioner filter

Like most appliances in your home, air conditioners need regular cleaning to get the most out of it and help it to run efficiently. Watch to learn how to clean your air conditioner filter quickly and easily.


Prevent damaged caused by indoor plants

We love the lush greenery we see in Montague Square homes, but unfortunately, your indoor jungle could be causing damage to your home. In this video, Jess will take you through a few tips to look after your home and prevent damage.


Troubleshoot your dishwasher

Is your dishwasher not working properly? Sophie will take you through a few tips to get it working back to its full efficiency.


Clean your rangehood filter

Whether you’re a regular Masterchef or a simple home cook, taking care of your rangehood is essential. For optimal ventilation, your kitchen rangehood filter should be cleaned on a regular basis. Watch this video for a quick guide on cleaning your rangehood filter.


Refit a blind chain

Blind chain fallen off? Rah will take you through the process of refitting a chain that has come off its track, in order to get the chain mechanism winding again properly, without the need for a tradesman.


Unblock a clogged sink

Although its common, it’s far from desirable! Watch this video for a handful of remedies you can do yourself to help unblock your bathroom basin.


Replace a downlight

Downlight globes differ from conventional globes in some ways, yet some in your home can be replaced without the help of an electrician. Watch as Rah teaches you how to replace a blown downlight.